Hebei zhouhua Carbon Co., Ltd. Is located in Handan city Linzhang,which rwhich enjoy "china north carbon base "reputation,

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manufacturer of graphite electrode and graphite electrode exporters

,we mainly supply and export graphite electrode,graphite rod,carbon block.Graphite standard parts,non- standard parts etc.Various carbon products.we can used better graphite blank processed a various of specification of graphite crucible,Graphite bar, rod, block, the structure of the graphite boat and other special graphite products for customers,Integrated, calcination, impregnation, processing one-stop production patterns.


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We focus on developing high-quality products for top-end markets.Our products are in line with international standards,and are mainly exported to Europe and Southeast Asia other destinations around the world

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Basic information of graphite electrode

The graphite electrode is mainly made of petroleum coke and needle coke, and coal tar is used as a binder. It is made by calcination, compounding, kneading, pressing, roasting, graphitization and mach...

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Safety of graphite products

Graphite electrode is one of many graphite products. As a professional graphite electrode manufacturer, our company can produce and supply different kinds of graphite electrodes according to the needs...

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Processing method of graphite electrode

Processing method of graphite electrode. 1. The pressure vibration method uses a special machine tool, and the electrode master mold has the opposite shape to the electrode. Graphite data and forming ...

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Graphite electrode use and classification

The graphite electrode is mainly made up of petroleum coke and needle coke as the material, and the coal bitumen is used as the binder. It is made by calcination, compounding, kneading, pressing, roas...

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The use of graphite electrodes is primarily reflected i...

(1) for electric arc furnace Graphite electrodes are primarily used in electric furnace steelmaking. Electric furnace steelmaking uses a graphite electrode to introduce current into the furnace. A str...

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