Graphite block, plate application in metallurgy and foundry production


The use of graphite blocks in powder metallurgy is main […]

The use of graphite blocks in powder metallurgy is mainly in the sintering process. The raw materials are placed on the graphite blocks and passed through a high temperature in a sintering furnace or a vacuum furnace to melt different metals. Due to the high temperature resistance and oxidation resistance of the graphite block itself, it can meet the requirements of the powder metallurgy industry, and the graphite block can be used repeatedly, which can save economic cost for customers!

Let me talk about the use of graphite blocks in the casting industry. The metal can be cooled to 1500 degrees Celsius by heating in the graphite crucible. At this time, it can be cast into a desired industrial product by a graphite casting method. Graphite casting method is simply that graphite casting is similar to metal casting. Our factory uses the waste graphite electrode of steelmaking plant to make mold and cast copper alloy casting with good effect. Graphite type graphite type is most suitable for casting copper and aluminum alloy. It has good thermal conductivity and thermochemical stability. Casting tin bronze and aluminum-iron bronze with graphite can overcome casting defects such as shrinkage, looseness and pinhole, and improve mechanical properties.

Don't just look at the conductivity and price of the graphite plate, but ignore the important density. Because the density is small, the surface is prone to pores, and the phenomenon of penetration in the electrolyte is easy to occur, causing the graphite plate to oxidize and fall off, resulting in greatly reduced service life. short.

In the anti-friction industry, the graphite plate is mainly used in the form of a backing plate, which plays a lubricating role. Here, the density of the graphite plate is greatly revealed. The physical structure of the graphite plate with low density is not tight, and it is easy to fall off during use, and the surface is consumed. Fast, with a 1.56 graphite plate and a density of 1.7 graphite plate life can be separated by 3 months, the price of which will be calculated.