Advantages of graphite electrodes over copper electrodes?


The graphite electrode supplied by the graphite gasket […]

The graphite electrode supplied by the graphite gasket manufacturer is an electrode different from the copper electrode. The material mainly consists of petroleum coke and needle coke. The asphalt is a binder, which is manufactured through multiple processes and then forms a kind in many fields. The product used in it. There are many differences between this product and the copper electrode in many ways. Let's look at what is different.

Graphite electrode

The production process of graphite electrode is quite unique. From the point of view of the application of the mold, the processing is relatively simple, and the probability of wear is relatively small, which satisfies people's various needs. Compared with the copper electrode, it is more simple to form, and it is appropriate for the area where the copper electrode cannot be used.

Graphite electrodes are different from conventional copper electrodes. Graphite electrodes use the same amount of reservation, which can reduce the number of machining operations and improve the accuracy of the mold.

Graphite electrode: mainly made of petroleum coke and needle coke, coal tar pitch as binder, calcined, compounded, kneaded, pressed, calcined, graphitized, machined, and released in the form of arc in electric arc furnace The conductor that heats and melts the charge of the electric charge can be classified into ordinary power, high power and ultra high power according to its quality index. The graphite electrode mainly includes four types of ordinary power graphite electrode, anti-oxidation coated graphite electrode, high power graphite electrode and ultra high power graphite electrode.