Application of flake graphite in conductive industry


We all know that flake graphite has good electrical con […]

We all know that flake graphite has good electrical conductivity, so in many conductive fields, we choose to use flaky graphite to add products to achieve the best results. So what are the actual uses of flake graphite in the conductive industry? Here are one or two examples of flake graphite used in the conductive industry:

1. Application of flake graphite as electrode material.

As a new type of nano-scale carbon material, flake graphite not only has excellent electrical conductivity and adsorptivity, but also has good chemical stability, so it has a wide range of applications in electrode materials.

2. Flake graphite was used as conductive filler to prepare polymer-based conductive composites.

Flake graphite is one of the conductive fillers. Compared with commonly used carbon black, it has the advantages of good conductivity, low friction loss, and low pollution. Moreover, the addition of flake graphite can greatly improve the conductivity of high molecular materials and make polymers from insulators to semiconductors. Therefore, it has important application value in conductive composite materials.

The particle size and distribution of natural flake graphite have a greater impact on the initial charge and discharge of cone ion batteries, and their first efficiency is relatively small. Natural flake graphite with smaller particle size has a larger first charge capacity, but irreversible capacity stars Large, medium particle size natural flaky stone walls have a high first efficiency, the particle size increases to reduce the first re-discharge capacity, the natural flake graphite with a smaller particle size has a larger irreversible capacity for the first time, forgetting the average particle size of the natural end piece stone D5016 When the particle size distribution is -18um and the particle size is more focused, the battery has a better initial discharge capacity and first effect.

Natural flake graphite has a low formation potential, excellent talkability, and a flat voltage platform. It is a good negative-ion material for healthy ion batteries. The natural end-piece stone surface is a supercharger. Excellent performance and strong market competitiveness have been widely used in commercialized negative ion ground materials.

The gripper sub-battery is a third-generation small German battery that can only be connected to any electricity. As a chemical power source of the type of God, it has high working pressure, large specific energy, stable discharge potential energy lines, small self-discharge, circulation Long life, good low temperature performance, no memory of outstanding features such as 100 million. Among the materials of cross ion batteries, the negative electrode material is the key to determine the battery performance.