Electric furnace graphite crucible device application method


Friends who use electric furnace to smelt metal must ha […]

Friends who use electric furnace to smelt metal must have a proper understanding of the characteristics of electric furnace graphite crucible. Its high temperature resistance, electrical conductivity, corrosion resistance and other functions are industrially well-assisted.

The ore selected for electric furnace graphite crucible is mainly a scaly crystal type. The chemical properties of crystalline graphite are very stable. Because of the chemical nature of graphite itself, it is very stable and resistant to acid and alkali and organic chemical solvents. This has created a graphite crucible. A certain foundation.

The following describes the application method of electric furnace graphite crucible

1. Prepare the front work before the installation, check whether the inner wall of the furnace and the bottom of the furnace are intact, and choose the correct base.

2, the most important and most important point, that is, electric furnace graphite crucible preheating. Preheating the crucible with the correct method can greatly extend the service life of the crucible. According to different types of crucible furnaces, when the crucible is used for the first time, the crucible is preheated to about 200 ° C for 30 minutes without drying, and dried for 60 minutes. It is intended to cause the appearance of the cockroaches to evaporate and to prevent the use of an initial burst. After preheating, the crucible should be heated to 900 ° C - 1000 ° C (about 2 hours) as soon as possible, and kept for 20-30 minutes, and then raised or lowered to work stability, in order to quickly pass through the graphite crucible oxidation temperature zone. After the first preheating, it is generally not necessary to preheat, unless the cockroach is again wet.

3. In the process of application, that is, in the process of increasing the metal material, it is necessary to pay attention to maintaining the graphite crucible of the electric furnace to prevent bumping.

4. Reasonable use of increasing agents. The additive should be used only when the metal is completely melted to prevent corrosion of the wall.

5. After stopping the furnace, the metal residue in the graphite crucible of the electric furnace must be arranged. Every time after the shutdown, there will be metal residue, and the residue should be thoroughly cleaned and prepared for re-use.