Five advantages of natural flake graphite products


First, natural flake graphite has good adsorption. The […]

First, natural flake graphite has good adsorption. The space structure of charcoal makes it very absorbent, so charcoal is often used as a time-absorbing material to absorb moisture, odor, and toxic substances. We have done experiments. The stone used in barbecue for the past few days can be used for baking. It looks very clean, but if you put it on an induction cooker and heat it, you will see that the fat and harmful substances that you sucked during the last barbecue will slowly come out, but don't worry, just wipe it with clean rotten paper and use it.

Second, natural flake graphite products have good thermal conductivity, fast heat transfer, uniform heating, and save fuel. Baking pans and pans made of natural scale graphite are heated quickly, and the baked goods are evenly heated, cooked from the inside to the outside, and the heating time is short. Not only the taste is pure, but also the nutrients in the bundle of food. We have done experiments. When we roasted meat with graphite grills, we just started to get fired by electric stove. It can be preheated in only 20-30 seconds. When you start cooking, you only need to put it on a small fire. It can save energy by using it.

Third, the stone wall products really have chemical stability and resistance to erosion. Natural flake graphite has good chemical stability at normal temperature and is not affected by any strong acid, strong sensitivity and organic solvents. Therefore, even if the stone products are used for a long time, the source is very small, as long as they are cleaned, they are still new.

Fourth, the natural flake graphite products have a strong deoxidation and reduction. Products, especially the stone bed, can generate negative oxygen quotients after heating, activate the surrounding items, maintain human health, effectively prevent aging, and reduce the gloss and elasticity of hard skin.

Fifth, stone tear products are environmentally friendly and healthy, no radioactive pollution, and high resistance to mixing. Carbon can be graphite only after it has undergone at least a dozen consecutive nights of petrification in a high temperature environment of 2000-33. Therefore, the toxic and harmful substances in natural flake graphite have already been exhausted, and it is stable at least within 2000 degrees.