Graphite crucible application and rapid identification of graphite crucibles


Because of its excellent performance, graphite crucible […]

Because of its excellent performance, graphite crucible is widely used in the metallurgy, foundry, machinery, chemical and other industrial sectors for the smelting of alloy tool steel and the smelting of non-ferrous metals and their alloys. And has a good technical and economic effect. Graphite crucibles are mainly classified into natural graphite crucibles, artificial graphite crucibles, and high-purity graphite crucibles.

Natural graphite crucible is processed by kneading and molding of flake graphite. It is mainly used in industries where the temperature is not high and the technical content is not high. The cost is low and the service life is short.

The artificial graphite crucible is made by mixing petroleum coke and asphalt, and is made by roasting, graphitization, machine machining, etc. It is mainly used in industries with high temperature, complicated use environment and high technical requirements, medium cost and relatively long service life. long.

High-purity graphite crucible is a high-end product, mainly used for precious metal smelting, etc., with high cost.

Graphite crucible only needs a pair of sharp eyes to distinguish between good and bad. First: check the surface of the graphite crucible. The surface of the good graphite crucible is basically free of pores. This kind of crucible can be more resistant to oxidation. Second, it is called graphite. The weight of the crucible, under the same size of the armpit, the weight is relatively heavy is the superior, third, to distinguish the degree of graphitization of the graphite crucible, with some keys and other metal items sliding down the surface of the crucible, relatively soft and shiny It is a good graphite crucible. Combine the above three points, you can tell the difference between the graphite crucible at a glance.