Graphite electrode is an important non-metallic mineral raw material


Graphite electrode has good characteristics such as goo […]

Graphite electrode has good characteristics such as good conductivity, high temperature resistance, acid resistance, alkali corrosion and easy processing. Therefore, it is widely used in metallurgy, chemical industry, electrochemistry and other industries


The largest use of graphite electrodes is in the field of semiconductors, but it is also widely used in the fields of solar cells, sensors, nanoelectronics, high-performance nanoelectronic devices, composite materials, field emission materials, etc.


Graphite electrode is widely used in industry, and can be used to make high-temperature crucible for smelting, protective agent for steel ingot, lubricant for mechanical industry, electrode and pencil lead; widely used in advanced refractory materials and coatings in metallurgical industry, military industry Stabilizer for pyrotechnic materials, pencil lead for light industry, carbon brush for electrical industry, electrode for battery industry, catalyst for fertilizer industry, etc. After deep processing, flake graphite can produce high-tech products such as graphite emulsion, graphite sealing materials and composite materials, graphite products, and graphite friction-reducing additives, becoming important non-metallic mineral raw materials for various industrial sectors.


Graphite electrode is no longer the simple understanding we used to make-only electrodes. Today, the important position of graphite in industry is also obvious to all


With the continuous development of industry, the use of graphite electrode is becoming more and more extensive, and many producers are concerned about the lifespan of this product. So, what factors will affect the life of graphite sheet?


First of all, the quality of the processing quality of graphite electrode is the most basic reason for its long service life. Processing must be careful to make it reach the standard goal, such as the impregnation level, it needs a certain uniformity to make its resistivity basically adhere Consistent, so that the conductivity can be uniform, avoiding the occurrence of production, some intact, some severely corroded, so that the whole is a waste.


Secondly, the graphite electrode must have a good working environment, which is the key to extending the life. During the production process, reduce squeeze collisions, adhere to the cleanliness of the working environment, you can regularly check the circuit, organize production at the optimal temperature, reduce the degree of oxidation of the air and so on.


Finally, the use of high-quality graphite electrode to improve its life, electrical conductivity, bulk density, compressive and flexural strength, resistivity and other physical and chemical performance indicators improve.


Therefore, manufacturers should pay attention to the above points when producing graphite electrodes, which can appropriately increase the service life of graphite plates.