Graphite powder application case


Special graphite coatings: water-based graphite coating […]

Special graphite coatings: water-based graphite coatings, conductive graphite coatings, dissolved graphite coatings, internal and external graphite coatings, brushed graphite coatings, lubricated graphite coatings, glass coatings, television graphite coatings and special coatings, various non-metallic materials, nanoscale Material production process and design plan. Handle various anti-corrosion equipment and undertake various anti-corrosion equipment treatment. Variety, complete specifications, special machinery design and manufacture of various fine chemical equipment, various mills and formulation processes.

1. As refractory material: Graphite and its products have the properties of high temperature resistance and high strength. They are mainly used in the metallurgical industry to manufacture graphite crucibles. In steelmaking, graphite is commonly used as a protective agent for steel ingots and the inner liner of metallurgical furnaces.

2, for conductive materials: used in the electrical industry to manufacture electrodes, brushes, carbon rods, carbon tubes, positive electrodes of mercury positive flow, graphite gaskets, telephone parts, coatings for television picture tubes, etc.

3, for wear-resistant lubricants: Graphite is often used as a lubricant in the machinery industry. Lubricating oils are often not used under high speed, high temperature and high pressure conditions, while graphite wear resistant materials can work at high sliding speeds of 200~2000 °C without lubricating oil. Many equipments that transport corrosive media are widely used in graphite materials to make piston cups, seals and bearings. They do not need to be lubricated during operation. Graphite milk is also a good lubricant for many metal processing (drawing, drawing).