How can we improve the oxidation resistance of graphite


Nature graphite electrode initially oxidizes with oxyge […]

Nature graphite electrode initially oxidizes with oxygen in the air at a temperature of 500 degrees, and the surface will be oxidized. The ultra-high temperature resistant nano-ceramic particles, the main component of the antioxidant of graphite products, are loose red in water and constitute a pale red The near-transparent liquid source material is impregnated into the pores of the graphite material, forming a thin layer of antioxidant protective film on the pores and the surface of the nature graphite electrode product. Therefore, graphite product antioxidants can also be called graphite product protective agents.


In an oxidizing environment within 1000 degrees, the antioxidant of nature graphite electrode products can effectively isolate the air, delay the oxidation rate of graphite products, and can resist the effect of high temperature aluminum liquid on the graphite products to a certain extent, and greatly advance the graphite products The use of life, save a lot of capital and use periodic power.

The use of graphite products antioxidants can delay the occurrence of oxygen generation between graphite and oxygen in the air under high temperature conditions, especially like graphite exhaust rotor, the temperature of aluminum water in the molten state is 700-800 degrees, In order to allow the air inside to be discharged, graphite rotors are used for exhaust treatment. For example, graphite rotors with antioxidants have better side effects and last longer.


Commercial use of graphite powder antioxidants:


This kind of material is in the form of a liquid, and it is an antioxidant protective agent for high-temperature nature graphite electrode products. It can effectively oxidize the reaction of oxygen in the air with graphite products at high temperature to delay the oxidation rate. Advance the life and application cycle of high-purity graphite products.


The application method of flake graphite antioxidant:


1. Prepare the dipping container according to the size and specification of nature graphite electrode products. The dipping tank can be made with various materials according to the internship conditions, but materials with acid resistance, good sealing, no entry by liquid, certain hardness and good durability are required.


2. Pour a certain amount of antioxidant impregnating agent YH01 according to the tank and the graphite parts that need to be impregnated and treated. Generally, the impregnating agent should be less than about 10CM for the graphite parts.


3. Immerse the graphite products in the impregnating agent at room temperature and normal pressure for about half an hour.


4. Put the impregnated graphite pieces in a well-ventilated condition, and the local natural without dust can be used for about 2 to 3 days.


5. If the amount of graphite products to be disposed is relatively small, you can use the brushing method, that is, use the nature graphite electrode product antioxidant to uniformly paint the surface of the flake graphite products 2 to 3 times, and wait for the previous time after each brushing Brush again after the coating is monotonous. After painting, it can be used normally for about 2 days at room temperature.