How long can molten copper graphite crucibles last?


Because of the high temperature operation, the molten a […]

Because of the high temperature operation, the molten aluminum graphite crucible has extremely harsh conditions. The outside should receive long-term heat load, and the interior should withstand the hot corrosion of the high-temperature aluminum liquid. When starting work, it must be able to accept the heat of external heat and internal cooling. The stress caused. Therefore, the molten aluminum graphite crucible should be strictly in accordance with the operation process:

First of all, it is necessary to check whether there is crack in the molten aluminum graphite crucible. If the crucible is not heated to 600 ° C or above, it must be boring. Then pay attention to whether there is water around the stove and you can't pile up irrelevant items. It is not necessary to strictly check the charge of the charge, and the increase of the charge must be preheated and ensured boring, and the speed of participation is slow. The equipment used for sampling, smelting and pouring needs to be preheated and ventilated before use. To ensure that the air circulation changes and the operators in the process of concentrating in the process of pouring, it is necessary to straighten up and hold the tongs. Do not overfill the metal liquid from the crucible to the small ladle, and put some sand on the bottom of the packet to avoid splashing of molten metal. When watering, do not pour on the wall of the furnace, and the bottom of the furnace cannot be watered.

When operating molten aluminum graphite crucibles, we can avoid damage to the crucibles according to the correct operation procedure, but together we can extend the application time to achieve the best economic benefits.