How to deal with the exhaust gas in the process of processing graphite electrode products


With the rapid development of world industry, graphite […]

With the rapid development of world industry, graphite has been regarded as one of the important industrial mineral raw materials at home and abroad. Especially in recent years, with the development of science and technology, graphite product processing technology has played an important role in all walks of life . The technology of graphite products processing is also gradually becoming sophisticated.


In the process of processing graphite products, the exhaust gas emitted from the roaster contains asphalt tar. The combustion of asphalt tar produces asphalt smoke. Asphalt smoke hinders people's breathing and sensory organs and endangers human health. The treatment methods of these waste gases at home and abroad mainly adopt three methods: electric capture method, dry suction method and incineration method. Northern electric carbon graphite mold manufacturers will describe the treatment methods as follows:


1. Electric trapping method: use high-voltage static electricity to capture tar, apply a DC high voltage between the precipitation electrode, make the negative electrode discharge, the flue gas ionizes, and generate a large number of positive and negative ions. It is charged and the mist droplets are attracted to the electrode and are removed.


2. Dry absorption method: Adsorption is a separation technology that uses solid adsorbents according to the different adsorption capacities of the components on the surface of the gas. The adsorbents can be recycled after desorption and regeneration.


3. Incineration method: The incineration method means that the asphalt and combustible carbon dust in the exhaust gas of the roaster are decomposed by the high temperature of the incineration device for harmless incineration treatment, so that it is burned to form O2 and H20. This method can both reduce pollution and obtain heat energy. This method has been applied in the United States, Japan, Canada and other countries, and it has been reported that the effect is better.


The processing technology of UHP Graphite Electrode products has played an important role in sealing, temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, electrical conductivity, thermal insulation, compression resistance, wear resistance and oxidation resistance in a wide range of fields, and has attracted widespread attention from domestic and foreign experts. Of course, graphite products are also quietly entering modern office supplies. For example, an archive supplies factory uses graphite to expand and process into insect-resistant discs that can absorb drugs for a year and can maintain drug resistance for a year.


There is also graphite lubricating belt produced by graphite mine, which solves the urgent problem of sanding machine accessories for the domestic wood processing industry and fills the gap of similar products in China. Therefore, only by treating the exhaust gas generated during the processing of graphite products well can our society be sustainable.