Introduction to the adsorption of expanded graphite


Expansive graphite is the raw material for manufacturin […]

Expansive graphite is the raw material for manufacturing sealing industry and environmental protection adsorption industry. Expansive graphite has excellent heat resistance, abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance, etc. Expansive graphite can be made into high-purity graphite such as graphite paper through production and processing. Sealed goods, another key effect of expanded graphite is the main use of expanded graphite adsorption.

Expanded graphite is a loose porous material that has a strong ability to adsorb organic matter. Expanded graphite can have an adsorption effect. Due to the large gap of expanded graphite, the volume expands after shrinking, and expanded graphite can adsorb biological macromolecular air pollutants, etc., 1g Expanded graphite can absorb 80g of petroleum. Expanded graphite can be made into a variety of adsorbents for vegetable oils and oils.

The main application of expanded graphite is to use products in the environmental protection industry. Expanded graphite is made of pure natural flake graphite after unique production and processing, and shrinks at high temperature. The expanded graphite has a fluffy and porous structure, which is easy to adsorb. Petroleum leakage on water will cause the environment Pollution, petroleum, etc. are not melted in the sea surface. Expanded graphite is a high-quality adsorbent. Expanded graphite can adsorb air pollutants such as petroleum.

The adsorbent made of expanded graphite can reasonably reduce the environmental pollution caused by feedstock oil, maintain the natural environment, and make contributions in the environmental protection industry.