Maintenance tips for graphite products


One of the main uses of graphite is in the production o […]

One of the main uses of graphite is in the production of refractory materials, including refractory bricks, concrete, continuous casting powders, mold cores, molds, detergents and high temperature resistant materials.

Graphite products have good adsorption and excellent thermal conductivity, and have the characteristics of fast heat transfer, uniform heat, fuel saving, chemical stability and corrosion resistance, and strong anti-oxidation and reduction effects. It has no pollution and no radiation, and has been applied in various aspects, but this kind of product should also be well maintained, so as to increase the service life.

1. Protect the sides and bottom of the direct-spray graphite product with strong corrosion flame;

2. During the application process, the product will be turned once a week to extend the service life;

3. Use appropriate amount of combustion improver and additives to reduce product life;

4. Properly maintain a proper distance from the furnace wall and should also be placed in the middle of the furnace;

5. When removing the slag and sticky of the inner wall of the product, tap the product to prevent damage;

6. Take care when handling, and it is strictly forbidden to shake;

7. The graphite products are strictly protected from moisture and must be placed in a dry place or on a wooden shelf during storage;

8. Pay attention to the specifications and models used;

9. It needs to be baked in the drying equipment or by the furnace before use, and the temperature gradually rises to 500 degrees Celsius.