• Precautions for the use of carbon electrodes

    Precautions for the use of carbon electrodes

    1. For the moisture-contained carbon electrode, it must be dried before use and can be used after drying. 2. Remove the foam protective cap on the spare carbon electrode hole and check if the internal thread of the electrode hole is complete. 3. Clean the surface of the spare carbon electrode and th... read more

    Aug 30,2019 News
  • Reasons for machining carbon electrodes

    Reasons for machining carbon electrodes

    The carbon electrode is mainly an electrode composed of elemental carbon. The carbon electrode has the advantages of electrical and thermal conductivity, heat resistance, chemical resistance, high mechanical strength, and easy processing. Carbon electrodes are widely used in metallurgical, chemical,... read more

    Sep 06,2019 News
  • Safety of graphite products

    Safety of graphite products

    The graphite bearing in the graphite product is mainly made of graphite material, which has strong self-lubricating property, corrosion resistance, long-term operation without using lubricating oil, and is mostly used for sliding bearings. It is used in the transportation, dryer, textile machine, su... read more

    Sep 21,2019 News