Precautions for using graphite electrodes


Graphite electrodes are made of high-quality low-ash ma […]

Graphite electrodes are made of high-quality low-ash materials such as petroleum coke, needle coke, coal tar, etc., and are precisely processed after digestion, batching, kneading, molding, baking, pressure impregnation, graphitization and other processes, with professional numerical control processing. Notes on the use of graphite electrodes:

1. The electrode holder should be kept out of the top electrode safety line, otherwise the electrode will be easily broken. The contact surface between the electrode holder and the electrode should be cleaned regularly to maintain good contact, and the cooling jacket avoids water leakage.

2. Determine the cause of the gaps at the electrode connections and use them until the gaps are eliminated.

3. When connecting the electrodes, if the threaded bolt comes off, the threaded bolt needs to be completed.

4. Avoid tilting when applying electrodes, especially the drain connected to the electrode should not be placed horizontally to avoid cracking.

5. When loading the material into the furnace, the bulk material should be loaded into the furnace bottom to minimize the effect of the large-scale charge on the electrode.

6. Avoid melting large pieces of insulating material at the bottom of the electrode during smelting, so as not to affect the use of the electrode or even crack it.

7. When the electrode is lifted, avoid the furnace cover from collapsing, resulting in electrode damage.