Processing method of graphite electrode


Processing method of graphite electrode. 1. The pressur […]

Processing method of graphite electrode.

1. The pressure vibration method uses a special machine tool, and the electrode master mold has the opposite shape to the electrode. Graphite data and forming objects are placed relative to each other during processing, leaving a certain gap. A machining fluid mixed with water and abrasive is injected into it. Together with the processing fluid, the graphite and the shaped object are subjected to ultrasonic vibration. Under the action of abrasive impact, the graphite is slightly stripped to the desired shape. The abrasive is SiC, B4C or diamond, and the thicker the abrasive, the faster the processing speed. Sealing and water curtains are used for machine tool work. Suitable for EDM forming for batch production.

2, CNC automatic forming method should use a dedicated graphite electrode forming machine, which uses numerical control method, automatic tool exchange equipment, can accommodate multiple tools. In order to improve the processing environment, the graphite electrode is surrounded by water curtains to prevent the graphite dust from spreading around. Others can also use wet processing to prevent tool wear and graphite dust from scattering by water-soluble cutting fluid. The machine tool has high-performance filtering equipment, which can separate the cutting fluid and graphite chips to ensure long-term continuous processing. It is a special equipment for graphite electrode processing and is suitable for electrode processing of molds.

3. The mechanical processing method is the production method for the domestic general mold production unit.

Through the introduction of the above information, it can be clearly understood that the methods for producing graphite electrodes mainly include pressure vibration method, numerical control automatic forming method and mechanical processing method.