Reasons for machining carbon electrodes


The carbon electrode is mainly an electrode composed of […]

The carbon electrode is mainly an electrode composed of elemental carbon. The carbon electrode has the advantages of electrical and thermal conductivity, heat resistance, chemical resistance, high mechanical strength, and easy processing. Carbon electrodes are widely used in metallurgical, chemical, and electrochemical industries. In order to repay the support of the majority of users, and in order to further broaden the application range of carbon electrodes, let more people know about the carbon electrode, and analyze the reasons for the machining of the carbon electrode.

1. The need for shaping, the carbon-based raw product with a certain size and shape after compression, different degrees of deformation and damage during the roasting and graphitization process, and at the same time, the surface is also bonded with some filler, if It cannot be used without machining, so the product must be shaped and machined into the specified geometry.

2, the need to use, according to the needs of processing, such as the graphite electrode of the electric furnace steel needs to be connected, must be made at both ends of the product into a threaded hole, and then use a special threaded joint to connect the two electrodes.

3, the process needs, some products should be processed into special shapes and specifications according to the process requirements of the user, and even require a lower surface roughness.