Safety of graphite products


The graphite bearing in the graphite product is mainly […]

The graphite bearing in the graphite product is mainly made of graphite material, which has strong self-lubricating property, corrosion resistance, long-term operation without using lubricating oil, and is mostly used for sliding bearings. It is used in the transportation, dryer, textile machine, submersible pump motor and other bearings in the food, beverage, textile, chemical and other industrial sectors. A boat made of pressure-resistant sintering is usually made of a graphite material. Crystal growth of single crystal silicon, regional refining vessels, supports, fixtures, induction heaters, etc., are all processed from high purity graphite. In addition, graphite can also be used as vacuum insulation graphite insulation board and base, high temperature resistance furnace tube, rod, plate, grid and other components.

Graphite-made molding and refractory crucibles have high fire resistance, low thermal expansion, stable metal immersion and scouring during smelting of metals, good thermal shock resistance at high temperatures and excellent conductivity, so they are widely used. Used in processes that directly melt metals. High-purity graphite products are used in high-purity metal smelting, electronics industry, nuclear industry and mold manufacturing; common products are used in aluminum electrolysis tanks, powder metallurgy sintering furnaces, ferroalloy furnaces and other masonry materials in ore furnaces.