Smart use of graphite powder in daily life


Briefly introduce, graphite powder is a small life, gra […]

Briefly introduce, graphite powder is a small life, graphite powder is a natural lubricant, graphite powder itself is very self-lubricating, and processed into a very small graphite powder, its lubricity is better, so that you can It is made into a graphite powder lubricant for lubrication.

Where do you use graphite powder lubricants in your life? The most common door locks,

The car is locked, because the door locks and the like have been used for a long time, the lock cylinder will react with the air, etc., and rust will occur, which will make the key rotation difficult, difficult to insert and pull, difficult to unlock, etc. I believe this situation, many people Will have encountered, and now many unlocking mechanisms, lock maintenance personnel will recommend lock core graphite lubricant, this lock core graphite lubricant is to solve the problem of the lock cylinder rotation is difficult, to avoid the key rotation process, is strongly twisted, and finally only It is very troublesome to remove the lock and change the lock. Now many people in the family have a lock core graphite lubricant for maintenance of the lock cylinder, but many people do not have it. This is the use of graphite powder.

The lock-core graphite lubricant is specially used for lubricating graphite powder, but it doesn't matter. You can find a pencil and scrape some very thin pencil-core powder with a knife, because the pencil core now contains graphite powder. Graphite powder is lubricated. The disadvantage is that it takes time and effort. The purity of graphite powder is not pure and contains other components. The lubrication effect is not as good as that of lock core graphite powder lubricant. It is also very troublesome to operate. It is not as good as lock core graphite powder lubrication. The agent is as simple as that.