Tips for carbon manufacturers when progress graphite electrode


Large-scale electric arc furnaces use large-capacity tr […]

Large-scale electric arc furnaces use large-capacity transformers and the overload capacity is 20%. From this point of view, the requirements for graphite electrodes in steel exercise are getting higher and higher, especially the quality balance, conductivity and thermal shock resistance of the electrodes. , antioxidant. Regarding the medium-sized or large-scale electric arc furnace and LF electric furnace, the power downline problem is presented, that is, the UHP electric furnace goes down the line with the high-power electrode, and the HP electric furnace goes down the line with the general power electrode. The appearance of this electric furnace is for the enterprise. Due to the excessive amount of steel carried out, it is being carried out in the direction of boutiques and special types.

Large DC and AC arcs have also been finalized; high-capacity, large-planning, large-scale blast furnaces with dual-station LF furnaces have become new directions.

It is necessary for carbon manufacturers to strictly request or guide the user to store and store the electrodes and connect the electrodes. In particular, the connection skills of the electrodes, in principle, the large standard electrode is necessary to require the connection under the furnace; when the connection is made, it is prevented from triggering the thread fragments and must always adhere to the straight condition of the upper electrode; when it is evenly screwed to 8~10MM, the inertia lock is used. Tightly, then use the long arm wrench to apply the pre-tightening torque until it can not be screwed and stopped. The seamed electrode can not be put on the furnace; if the phase sequence is problematic and the connection is good, it is best not to fix the pin. The intent of these fundamental requirements is to prevent the breakage and loss of the attack.

Other things that need special attention are: when the flame is high, the last step should be continued in time to increase the electrode to prevent the thread from being damaged; when sliding the electrode, it is necessary to have a soft connection to prevent the occurrence of hard bumps; the manipulator and the electrode are necessary. Keep straight and prevent the electrode from being scraped against the small furnace cover; prevent the oxygen gun from directly facing the lower electrode in the furnace. This is a sexual requirement for the application of the electrode, with the intent of preventing and reducing the direct loss of the electrode.

Strictly control the power transmission system is the condition to ensure normal exercise. Different steel types and exercise techniques have corresponding arcing voltage and current gears to prevent the current from being shaken too much and to strictly control the current peak operation time. It then usefully prevents red and reactive oxidation of the electrode and breakage in the furnace.