What are the precautions when processing graphite electrodes


1. Moisture-proof: graphite electrodes should be protec […]

1. Moisture-proof: graphite electrodes should be protected from rain, water or humidity, and must be dried before use.

2. Anti-collision: Handle gently to prevent impact and collision damage during transportation.

3. Anti-cracking: When fastening the electrode with bolts, pay attention to prevent stress burst.

4. Anti-breaking: graphite electrodes are brittle, especially small narrow long electrodes, easily break when external force is applied.

5. Dust-proof: There must be dust-proof devices during machining to reduce the impact on human body and environment.

6. Smoke prevention: discharge processing is easy to produce a large number of smoke screens, ventilation must be provided.

7. Anti-coking: graphite electrode is easy to deposit carbon during discharge, pay close attention to its processing status during electrical discharge processing.