What are the problems of expanded graphite as an environmentally friendly material


Where should expanded graphite be an environmentally fr […]

Where should expanded graphite be an environmentally friendly material, such as the price and hardness of expanded graphite?

1. To further increase its hardness, extend its service life, and reduce the cost of preparing expanded graphite;

2. There is relatively little research on the adsorption performance and mechanism of waste oil containing trace oil in the flow state of expanded graphite at home and abroad, which will be an important direction for future research;

3. With the help of modern micro-analytical methods, study the process and mechanism of the adsorption of specific substances by expanded graphite, and clarify the inherent relationship between the adsorption and analysis processes, so as to achieve its process control of the adsorption of specific substances;

4.The mechanism and application of expanded graphite in sound absorbing materials need to be further studied;

5. Expanded graphite supported photocatalysts, such as titanium dioxide, etc. The prepared composite material is an environmentally friendly material with photocatalytic degradation performance and adsorption. Its outstanding performance, improved composite material performance and reaction mechanism will remain hot research topics;

6. Deeply discuss the process and mechanism of migration and transformation of pollutants in the regeneration process, and seek for environmentally friendly regeneration methods;

7.Expanded graphite sheet and long fiber or thin metal plate and other materials to form a composite material, to play the advantages of both, to overcome the shortcomings of their respective materials, is the focus of future development;

8. The application of expanded graphite adsorption technology faces economic evaluation, efficiency optimization, process control, recovery and regeneration operations and other issues.